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Special Furnishing

For our guests with diseases of the respiratory organs like asthma, different type of allergies, etc. we secured home environment with absolute minimum of allergens, dust and bacteria. We perform uncompromisingly cleaning. Additionally the furnishing is specially designed and consists of:

  • Anti-allergen matresses, pillows and blankets,
  • Special air conditioners with generator of negative ions + anti-bacterial and anti-allergen filters,
  • Vacuum-cleaners with HEPA-filters,
  • Floor surfaces not absorbing dust and easy to clean (apartments only),
  • Limited use of syntetic chemical compounds during cleaning process,
  • Prohibition of smoking and pets,
  • + many more other special measures.

All apartments are equipped with all required appliences and accessoires (kitchen with kitchenware, washing machine, fridge, etc.) for comfortable short or longer stay. The quality of all furnishing, equipment and appliences is superior and it is regularly checked.

Our guests which would like to clean the apartments additionally by themselves we supply cleaning accessoires and chemicals.