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Sandanski & Surroundings


First inhabitants of the area around Sandanski had been the thracian tribe 'Medi', according to the ancient written sources. From that tribe comes the famous thracian gladiator Spartacus - the leader of the first slave revolt in the Roman Empire. Later the town founded by the Romans (Dezudava) becomes center of the early christianity in the region. The EarlyChristian Basilika (still raised up in the town center) and the finds in the Archaelogical museum confirm that assumption. The town is part of Bulgarian Chanate, Visantine Empire and Turkish Empire during the Early and Middle Ages.

Nowadays Sandanski is famous spa resort for natural healing of many diseases of the resiratory organs like asthma, bronchitis, different type of allergies, etc. The healing power of the local air and mineral water is known from Roman times. The brothers St. Cosma and St. Damian for short time during their stay here had cured many people in the present town park 'Sveti Vratch'. The name of the town for a long time have been 'Sveti Vratch' or 'St. Healer'.

Sandanski is the sunniest town in Bulgaria with ~300 sunny days during the year. The climate is mild in autumn, winter and spring, with positive average temperatures. The content of allergens in the air is minimal while the concentration of negative ions is above averages.

The park of Sandanski is spread over 300 000 m2 and is one of the biggest town parks in Bulgaria. Here you can find many rare mediteranean species (trees, flowers, etc.). Large number of beautiful sand alleys bend accross the park and river Sandanska Bistritsa.

In the center of the town close to each other are located the EarlyChristian Basilika (V AD) and the Orthodox Church 'Sveti Georgi' (or 'St. George') which is smaller copy of 'Alexander Nevski' Cathedral in Sofia. Above the park at ~2 km you can find a small monastery 'St. St. Cosma & Damian'.

Pirin Mountain & Popina Laka

East of Sandanski is Pirin Mountain which is UNESCO World Heritage Site. Upstream Sandanska Bustritsa river at ~12 km is located 'Popina laka' mountain resort (1300 m altitude). There you can find 15 m mountain waterfall 'Popina laka'.'

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