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Rupite & Zlatolist

Rupite Monastery Complex

There are more than 100 churches and chapels around Sandanski. But probably the most impressive places radiating mistique energy are the monastery complex in the village of Rupite and church 'St. George' in Zlatolist. Both places gave shelter to two blind women gifted with the ability to prophesy - Prepodobna Stojna (first half of XX century in Zlatolist) and Baba Vanga (second half of XX century in Rupite).

Rupite is in the center of ancient extinct volcano. The result of that activity is the large number of very hot mineral springs near by. Here the blind Baba Vanga had been given her prophecies to the indigent and desperate people which had been waited their turn for days. By means of their gifts and donations Baba Vanga built shortly before her death (in 1997) the unique church 'Sveta Petka' which is now a part of the large monastery complex. The grave of Baba Vanga is next to the church.

Church 'Sveti Georgi' in Zlatolist

In the relatively isolated church 'St. George' in village of Zlatolist the blind Prepodobna Stojna had the ability to foreseen the future and by this way to help people to find solutions to their problems. Except prophesy Prepodobna Stojna practiced levitation, traveling out of the body and other spiritual practices.

Don't miss to pray or wish something on the 'magical stone' into the church or to use the 1300 years old sycamore's swing outside for health or even to cure sterility.

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