Meet the ancient medieval atmosphere in

Melnik & Rojen Monastery


Melnik is the smallest town in Bulgaria although in the past it had been regional administrative center.The medieval atmosphere is everywhere - from the churches, museums and small hotels to the cellars and restaurants. Taste the local 'Melnik' wine produced from 'wide Melnik vine', which origin is from the ancient Persian Empire. The beautiful sand pyramids go round the town.

Visit the local museum and Kordopulov's house to find out more about the life in the past centuries.

Village of Rojen & Rojen monastery

East of Melnik and just several kilometers away is village of Rojen and Rojen monastery (XII AD). Village of Rojen is natural extension of Melnik in style in etnography. Many small local sellers offer natural organic products as honey, jams, herbs, wine, etc.

Rojen monastery is located less than 1 km from village of Rojen. It is male monastery inhabited by few monks. It is opened during the day time and silence should be kept during the visit.

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